Craft Brewery MATT, a family brewery from Kočevje. We carefully select the ingredients and strive for Slovenian origin and quality. The main ingredient of our beer is WATER, which in Kočevska, just like nature, has been untouched, clean and pure for millennia.

Virgin Forest

We come from Kočevska - the land of forests and primeval forests. We are very proud of the Krokar virgin forest, which has entered the UNESCO world heritage sites in 2017. Mighty, untouched, full of life, where the light cuts its darkness, the evolution continues in its natural way. It is forbidden to enter it, but you can have a taste of it from the edge… Cheers!

Fir – The Queen of Rog

Forest rangers named her »Queen of Rog« and she grows on the border of Kočevski Rog. The fir germinated around year 1500. Through centuries she fought for its existence and space where now you can look at her in all her magnificence. The girth of 496 cm and its height of 51 m truly makes her The Queen of Rog. When you touch her, you can feel her mightiness and her power. Take your time and get to know her slowly … Cheers!


A place in Škrilj near Kočevska Reka. It was closed and unknown for many years and whoever knew about it had to keep it a secret. The underground bunker opened to visitors in 2017. Its first steps/sips take you on a journey of imagination. The farther you go it becomes darker. Our senses perceive and want to explore more and more, right to the closed door. Take a walk and explore … Cheers!


A refreshing swim in the Rudniško lake is a unique experience due to its mysterious green waters. Its depths hide the remains of the brown coal mine closed in 1978. Nowadays the lake is surrounded by spoil tips - "kipa", and the diverse vegetation covering them offers a shelter to many endangered bird species. The lake and the spoil tips offer an enjoyable moment to anyone. Savour it... Cheers!


Veronika - when I tilt the bottle and look against the Fridrihštajn castle I notice »her«. Yes, that is where she lived. Between 1423 -1425 Friderik II built a special castle just for her, his mistress. Later, in 1425 they also got married. As she was coming from a lower rank, Friderik*s father did not approve of their marriage.Therefore he ordered to demolish the castle and put his son Friderik II into jail. The poor Veronika was after that drowned in the village trough. It is a sad story but also sad stories sometimes make us take a bottle of beer and quench our thirst… Cheers!

Visit the Brewery and Beer tasting

Are you familiar with the craft beer from the heart of the Kočevsko forests destination? We produce a variety of five different types of beer and they are all named after the sights of Kočevsko. You can get to know these hops brews at a tasting event at the family craft brewery MATT where you will experience their beers with all your senses in the pleasant environment of the unspoiled Kočevsko region. At the tasting, the MATT brewing trio will present you with their brewery and the beer brewing process while you will be able to indulge in tasting excellent beers. In addition to tasting five types of beer, you will also have an opportunity to try our unique homemade snacks. For all additional information and prior announcements, we are available via e-mail and telephone.

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Gorenje 82, Gorenje, 1332 Stara Cerkev, Slovenia


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